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The Fine Line Between Creating and Allowing



In work, as in life, there's a fine line between creating and allowing. 

I've seen a lot of people (myself included) put a lot of effort into pushing for things to happen. We look around to see what actions we should take, what more should we DO to move toward what we want. 

But there are times in work, as in life, when we have to sit back and allow things to be as they are. Maybe we've done all that we can for right now to create change or forward momentum and now there's a need to just let things be, to let them percoalte a little.

You've planted the seeds. Give them some time to grow without digging them up all the time. 

I find that this is particularly true when I'm going through a maelstrom of difficult times. I will flail about frantically, trying to do ANYTHING to get me out of what feels so painful. Action--any action--seems preferable to being stuck where I am at that moment. 

But often (not always) that's when it becomes apparent that this is when I most need to let go, to surrender to how things are right now and just let the lessons come through to me. Sometimes you have to leave the space for the change to happen. 

The thing is, what we planned to have happen isn't always the best thing. Maybe there's something even better that we didn't realize could happen and it's only later, in retrospect, that we can look back and say "Oh, that's why I wasn't making progress the way I thought I should be." 

I know. The waiting is hard. The "allowing" sucks. It feels like somehow you're just giving up. But you aren't. You're resting, you're leaving space for change to happen. You're allowing the seeds to take root and grow. That's part of the process too. 


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