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My friend and colleague Nancy Seibel over at Keys to Change is looking at our busy lives and gathering some information on how we cope with our busy-ness.

I wrote about Nancy's questions to help you diagnose what your busy-ness is telling you a few weeks ago and now she's posted a survey to learn more about how busy we are. Definitely stop by to fill it out and learn more about Nancy's work. 

I'm finding that for myself, I'm trying to be more mindful of being busy. When is it what I consider to be "good busy," where I'm involved in projects and activities that feel meaningful and create forward momentum and when am I in anxious, stressed mode? If I've moved into stress and anxiety, that's usually a clue that I need to either take a break or that I need to to step back and start saying "no" to some things. 

I find that working with my busy-ness is an ongoing challenge, something that always seems to creep up on me. I suppose it's the nature of our lives these days, which means it's even more important for us to get a handle on it. 

How do you deal with your busy-ness? 


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