"I Don't Have Time for That!"
Remember to Ask "What's Next?"

What's Your "Busy-ness" Trying to Tell You?

Do you need to listen to what your busy-ness is trying to tell you?

During last Friday's meeting with my Mastermind Group, we did a VisualsSpeak exercise together, exploring where we felt we were at right now in terms of our career/business development and where we wanted to be. Here's my image from that activity:

VisualsSpeak Visioning

The left side is how I'm feeling now. Notice all the frantic, jagged lines in it and the general sense of overwhelm. Seeing it in images like this, all grouped together, really brought home for me the extent to which I'm feeling under pressure and a little out of control. Especially when I looked at this in contrast to the right side, which is where I want to be. 

My fellow Mastermind Group members, Nancy Seibel and Catherine Lombardozzi came to similar conclusions about their own work lives, which led us into a discussion of our "busy-ness" and how we could address it. We all feel a little harried right now, working with so many moving parts, and it was helpful to discuss this with each other. 

Nancy went home from our meeting and did some more thinking, deciding that she wanted to try to learn more about what her busy-ness was trying to tell her. She's written a terrific post  on her thoughts about this, identifying some key questions she wants to ask herself. I wanted to share here because I think these are questions that could benefit all of us: 

  • What is the purpose of busy-ness in my life?
  • Does busy-ness give me something?
  • Is busy-ness protecting me from something?
  • What happens if I give up my busy-ness?
  • How do I feel when I am “too busy?”
  • How do I feel when I am just busy enough?
  • Is there a risk involved in giving up the busy-ness?
  • Do I want to give up my busy-ness?
  • What will I gain if I give up my “busy-ness”?

What I love about how Nancy engaged with this issue is not only that she came up with great questions, but also her willingness to accept the situation and try to learn from it what she can. Rather than just blowing it off and continuing to act without mindfulness, she decided to directly inquire into what this experience is telling her. 

This is an incredible career resilience strategy, integrating habits of both clarifying (understanding more about the role that "busy-ness" plays in her life) and coping (providing Nancy with some potential strategies for addressing her busy-ness patterns.) 

If you're feeling frantic right now, take some time to do some journaling and reflection on these questions. What is your busy-ness trying to tell you and how can you learn and grow from that? 




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