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The Power of The One Big Move



Fifteen years ago I did a weekend mini-retreat with myself to figure out my next career move. I planned for it on a Thursday and ran through my exercises on Saturday and Sunday, in between dropping my girls at softball practice and doing loads of laundry. On Monday, I walked in, quit my job and never looked back. 

This is the power of the One Big Move, something Rosetta Thurman wrote about in 7 Steps to Release Negativity, Set Big Goals and Live the Life of Your Dreams. Although sometimes life is about tinkering on the edges, tweaking and fixing things, planning and being careful, sometimes you need something bigger, a shift that makes everything else shift with it.  

The One Big Move is, as Rosetta describes it, is the action you take where there's no turning back. Sometimes it's a physical move to a new location. Or it could be quitting your job or leaving your spouse or putting money down on a business location. 

Regardless, your One Big Move can do more to propel you forward than a thousand small steps could ever do. It is your "big bet" and it can be a game changer when you have the courage to make it. 

The Tess Vigeland video below is a great example of your One Big Move. She left a surefire thing for the vast unknown. That's what the Big Move is all about--taking that big leap into a future you can't guarantee. 

Tess Vigeland from Chris Guillebeau on Vimeo.

What's your One Big Move? And what's holding you back from making it? 



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