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What 10 Questions Would You Ask Yourself to Highlight Your Strengths?



For the past few days I've been preparing for a radio interview I'm doing this afternoon about my work and The Bamboo Project. One of the things I had to do was come up with a list of 10 questions I wanted the interviewer to ask me. These questions needed to be designed to help me focus on the most important aspects of my business. 

What occurred to me is that this is an exercise we could all do--whether we work for ourselves or for someone else. The process of coming up with the questions, and then the answers has clarified a number of things for me. It's forced me to really hone in on what I believe are the strengths and value of my approach and the most important pieces of work that I do. 

So my quick piece of advice for you today is to think about what 10 questions you would want someone to ask you about yourself and your career to best play up your strengths and philosophy of work.  And how would you answer those questions in a radio or TV interview? 




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