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Reader Question: Tech is Eating My Job, So Now What?

Tech Is Eating My Job, So Now What Do I Do? from Michele Martin on Vimeo.

In response to yesterday's post on how technology is eating your job, Deborah Gabriel commented:

So, Michele, I cannot argue with your research data as mine confirms it. What I want to hear are solutions.

Solutions are what interest me, too, so I went to video to explain how I think we, as individuals, can deal with the this issue in our careers.

Some Resources

For Clarifying and Connecting

For Creating

  • In A Whole New Mind (book summary), Dan Pink suggests 6 right-brain "senses" that humans do well and that we should build upon. This is a good starting point for creating a plan--which of these skills could you develop? 

I'd love to hear from you on this topic. Who are your "Go-To" people for staying on top of all things technological (not just social media)? Which are your favorite sites? What else can we do to deal with the impact of technology on our careers? 


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Excellent multi-media mini-MOOC, Michele! Thank you!

Glad this was helpful, Deborah. And I love the idea of this being a mini-MOOC. Didn't think of it that way! :-)

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