Using the Present to Enact Your Future
Where Do You Find Career Inspiration?

Intuition as Your Career Way-Finder


I've found that figuring out what you want to do in life is both a science and an art. 

The "science" part is the practical stuff, the step-by-step, "research this, try out that, reflect on what you discover" approach. And there's something to be said for researching occupational and work trends to get an idea of where the demand for your skills may be and what kind of education and experience you need. This is information you need to sell yourself and to get on the road toward that new career. 

But before that is the decision to DO something to change. And that's where the "art" piece of it comes in. Because art, at it's heart, is about following some voice inside of you to create what it is you want, whether it's a painting or a career. Art is fueled by intuition--we might call it "the muse"-- and it is the muse that breathes life into every act of creation we take. But we have to listen to it first. 

One thing I've found in myself and through working with others is that in our quietest moments, we KNOW the right next step. Our intution has been whispering to us about this for awhile. And when we don't listen to the whispers, it starts screaming.  "TIME TO QUIT," it will say. Or "YOU SHOULD BE USING YOUR TALENTS THIS WAY!" Or "IF I HAVE TO DO THIS ONE MORE DAY I WILL LOSE IT!"

But we repress that voice, tell it to shut up, to be more "practical."  We argue with it and tell it all the ways that it's foolish, irresponsible and a "dreamer." We push it down and keep plowing ahead on this other course we're on, until we simply can't take it anymore. Or sometimes the decision is made for us, when we are laid off or fired or a big contract comes to an end. 

Sometimes the best place to start in our career explorations is with the things we DON'T want to hear or acknowledge, the elephant in the room we keep trying to ignore.  What keeps going through our minds on a repetitive loop that we've managed to tone down to a dull roar? That's our intuitive voice, telling us what we need to hear, but that we don't want to listen to.

Intuition can be our best teacher, when we stop repressing it.  

What wisdom is your intuition trying to share with you?  Maybe it's time to start acting on that. . . 


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