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How to Have Meaningful Conversations at Work

Two Creative Ways to Seem Like You're Making a Decision When You're Not


Our careers are all about decisions. What do I do and when? How do I know when to act? 

Through conversations with others, as well as observing my own behavior, I've discovered a couple of creative strategies to LOOK like we're making decisions, when, in fact, we are not. 

Crowdsourcing the Decision

 A regular reader of this blog (she knows who she is!) tells me she's excellent at crowdsourcing her decisions. This generally involves asking other people for input and feedback on their experiences as a way to gather information. This can give us valuable insight. It can also be a trap. We keep waiting for that one person's story that will make us finally dive in. But we're really substituting the information-gathering for an actual decision. I've done this many times myself. 

Making Irrelevant Decisions

When I'm avoiding a big meaty decision (should I change the fundamental nature of my business, for example) I'm a big fan of making a bunch of smaller, irrelevant decisions to cover the fact that I'm avoiding the big one. So I will start looking at things in other parts of my life that I think need cleaning up and focus on those so I can avoid looking at the real elephant in the room. I feel like I'm making progress, but really I'm not. 

So what creative strategies do you use to fool yourself into thinking you're making a decisions when you're not? 




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