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Are You Pretending the Exception is the Rule?


I'm doing some work in some very broken systems lately. The problem is, the people involved don't want to see it. They trot out the one shining example of how things ARE working and try to pretend that this one example is the rule, rather than the exception. 

This is a problem I think we all fall prey to. It's what keeps us in bad situations, whether they are at work or in our personal lives. We use that one example of the good to convince ourselves that all the rest of the things we see are fine--or at least not as bad as we may suspect. 

Several weeks ago I wrote a post on how we can stay stuck by denying reality. One of the ways we do this is by trotting out the big examples that negate all the smaller ones that add up to tell us the situation is not what we pretend it is. We focus on that one GREAT thing and ignore everything else. 

While I aspire to and believe that we should focus on what is working, what is right and good in our lives, I also think that we can't do this to the point where we deny reality. When we do this, it keeps us stuck. It keeps us from creating something new and better in our work and in our personal sphere. 

So my question for today is:

What exception are you pretending is the rule in your life? 




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