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How Do You Know When You Have a Clear Career Vision?

In the work that I do with people to help them achieve career clarity, the question comes up--"how do you know when you have the 'right" vision? How clear do things have to be?" 

I think that people have this idea that they must have everything figured out before they can move forward--there has to be a crystal clear vision with all the steps laid out in a coherent pathway. But that's not true. 

This is the simplest way I know to ensure that you have the "right" vision for yourself and that it's clear enough for you to move forward. 

1. To create a clear vision of career, you need to focus on the "What," not the "How."

The best question you can ask yourself is:

What results do I want to create? 

Don't worry about HOW you will achieve those results. Just keep honing in on WHAT you want to create. 

2. You will know that you have achieved sufficent clarity to begin moving forward when you can look at that career vision and feel energized and excited. If it's a vision you could put over your desk or on the refrigerator that would motivate you to keep moving toward it, then you have achieved sufficient clarity. 

Don't worry over getting every little detail right. Your career is in perpetual beta anyway. Just be clear enough about the results you want that you feel energized about getting those results. That's all the clarity you need. 


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