A 3-Step Process for Learning From the Depths
Decluttering for Learning

Acting, Reflecting and the Cycle of Learning

Most of us, if we're honest, work like this:




We rush from task to task, often trying to multi-task in a vain attempt to be more productive, with barely room to breathe in our frantic days. 

The problem with this cycle, from a learning perspective, is that when we're constantly acting, we can't learn from our experiences. There's no space to ask what's working, what isn't and what can we do to improve?

We need to insert a pause, so that our days start to look like this:




With the addition of Reflection to the cycle, we can begin to learn from our actions, to explore what happens as a result of our behaviors and to glean from that new information and knowledge. Reflection is the white space in our days that can help us get clearer about what we are doing and why. 


Once we have mastered this cycle, though, to truly create change, we must alter the cycle again, so that it looks like this:





When we start with Reflection, followed by Action, we are acting with intentionality. We are engaging in action, not activity, because we are clear about what we hope to accomplish with our actions and, therefore, clearer about how to act. We are not acting for the sake of doing something. We are taking action to accomplish or achieve something. This is a subtle, but profound difference, a lesson we all need to absorb. 

To learn, we must insert reflection into the cycle. To change, we must begin with reflection. 


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Ooh nice! :-) Without reflection we'll continuing to redo old mistakes and probably won't redo past successes either... It's as simple as that!

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