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What I've Been Up To: Some Social Media Training Resources

For the past few months, I've definitely been blogging less, in part because I've been doing training on social media for several clients. I thought it made sense to share some of what I've been working on, so here are some links. They owe much to the  WeAreMedia curriculum developed by the ever-wonderful Beth Kanter and the folks at NTEN.

  • Introduction to Social Media--This webinar and wiki resource page gives an overview of key social media tools and how they are being used in workforce development and with young people, especially around school and careers.
  • Social Media Training for Centers for Independent Living--Back in August, I did a 2.5 day in-person training session with staff from Centers for Independent Living who work with individuals with disabilities. This is the wiki I set up with my co-trainer, Jared Smith of WebAIM from whom I learned a LOT about web accessibility. We used MediaWiki for this project because it's actually the most accessible wiki platform. It was my first experience using wiki markup, which gave me an even greater appreciation for the ease of use of Wikispaces.

In addition to this training, I've also been doing a lot of social media set-up and blogging for clients, which is really wreaking havoc on my own social media practices--hence, less blogging here.

There's a certain irony in the fact that the more social media work I do with clients, the less time I have for my own projects and blogging. I'm also finding that social media for learning has less traction than social media for marketing, creating buzz, etc. I'm always sneaking in the professional development applications of these tools--including modeling using social media as part of my training-- but not really getting people to grab hold of the idea. A certain irony in that, I suppose, too.


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