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Some Links for the Day

I'm on my way out the door to do a 2.5 day social media training session for staff at Centers for Independent Living. My blogging has been so sporadic of late, though, I felt like I needed to do a post before I go. So some links that have been hanging out in my "blogthis" tag on Delicious:

  • Is 15 Minutes the New Hour of Corporate Training? --Personally I'm hoping that Clark Aldrich is wrong with this one. I'm starting to chafe a bit at the idea that everything needs to be crammed into information-packed bites that, frankly, give you no time for reflection or going deeper. Ironically, I read Clark's post the same day I read this one on Sandra Lee, the "anti Julia Child." I think we've started to think that all meals should take 15 minutes or less and be concocted of a few quick ingredients that have largely been made by someone else. I'm beginning to long for the days of Julia Child, when you actually took your time and made some things from scratch. The results are so much better.
  • The Recession-Proof Graduate--Charlie Hoen has some good advice for making yourself "recession-proof" (to the extent that's even possible). My daughter will graduate from NYU this year, so I've already sent this to her. Let's hope it doesn't take her a year to find a job though.
  • White Space in eLearning--Connie Malamed writes about putting more white space into elearning. I have to say that lately I've been wondering, though, how to create more "white space" in real life and wondering how these principles of pacing, quantity of information and design could apply. Also thinking about how most organizations aren't doing a lot to promote some white space at work.
  • Explosive Introspection--Continuing on a theme here, here's a post from Mark David Milliron on being more introspective that goes well with the notion of reflective practice. Lately I've had NO time for introspection, reflection or anything else other than work or collapse, so I'm longing for a little explosive introspection.


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Related to your leadership legacy bullet above: the book Your Leadership Legacy by Robert Galford and Regina Maruca. http://www.yourleadershiplegacy.com. There's an anonymous, web-based leadership assessment test on that site that helps you understand your leadership style.

Hey there, just to let you know that your blog has been nominated as one of the four candidates for the October Blog-o'-the-Month at the International Society for Technology in Education. Voting will be at the ISTE Island Blogger's Hut in Second Life and an announcement will go out soon at the Oh!VirtualLearning blog. Congrats, and let your Second Life educator friends know to go vote at the Blogger's Hut! You may snag a "Nominated" graphic at the O!VL! blog once the announcement is up, likely tomorrow.

Feel free to post this notice or just save it for your own info. :)

Andrea, thanks for the tip. I'll have to check it out.

And Scott, thanks--what an honor!

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