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Ok. Now I'm REALLY Annoyed

For the past few weeks (it may be over a month now) I've been going round and round with Typepad. For a reason that defies my comprehension, I am unable to respond to comments on my own blog. I've tried to use Safari and Firefox. I've tried logging in and out of my Typepad account. I've tried leaving comments at different times of day. All that happens is my comment hangs, spinning endlessly and never posting. A few times I've been fortunate and the comment posts, but for the most part, it's impossible. What I don't get is why some of you are able to comment, but I can't. I also don't get what was different about the few times I was able to get a comment to post.

I'm frustrated because I read every comment I get and try to respond, even if I'm late by a day or two. Now I'm beginning to look like a blogger who just sucks in comments without actually engaging readers, which is so NOT who I am.

Typepad has given me a free month, but that doesn't really help the potential damage to me as a member of the blogging community. It also doesn't deal with the frustration I'm feeling in being unable to respond to some great comments. I suppose I could do posts to respond to comments, but that's not the fix I'm looking for.

Anyway--take this post as a blanket apology and explanation for why I'm not responding to comments right now. It's not because I don't want to. It's because I can't. Hopefully this will be resolved soon, or I'm going to have to seriously consider moving to Wordpress.

P.S. This morning I tried to post a comment and it said my comment posted, but then all that was there was a blank. <Sigh> If you're also having problems commenting, drop me an email (michelemmartin@gmail dot com). I'd like to get a feel for whether or not this is impacting other people too.


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Unfortunately the same thing happened to me a couple months back when I upgraded Safari on Wordpress. The javascript and layers sometimes didn't work. For instance, I could write a post... but if I tried to make a link or insert a photo, the layer that popped up was non-responsive.

Sometimes it doesn't pay to immediately click "upgrade."

I had a great comment on the information literacy posting (as usual a long one) and nothing posted. However, the one on blue collar knowledge workers did (posted the same day). I have the same problem, however, on LinkedIn and Ning. It is the same computer (I don't have trouble when I change computers). I am thinking it has to do with the version of JAVA on my computer. I'm just glad it was not just me!

I was having trouble putting comments on Blogger using my WordPress ID, but found that I could do it if I signed in to WordPress first. Was TypePad attacked recently like several government agencies here and in Korea? Of course, I'm using a PC and Internet Explorer here.

The only times I've consistently had that problem was when I was using CoComment, which creates exactly the issue you describe (except on every blog, mine & others). Have you tried Firefox in safe mode to eliminate any possible add-on problems? I wouldn't think that's the issue since it isn't working in Safari either, but it might help eliminate one possible issue.

Until such time as the bug is fixed, why not comment on Twitter with a link to the post?

The Twitterverse would be much better with your presence there:-)


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