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OMG (as my daughters would say), am I in the week from Hell! Running a Youth Leadership Academy, doing a State strategic plan for how they'll use the stimulus money coming from the Feds and then running an Open Space Forum for practitioners working with individuals with disabilities on issues related to disabilities and employment. And that's THIS week! At any rate, a few things floating around that I'd like to have more time to write/think about:

  • Social Strategy Hurdles--Tim Davies put together this wiki to begin collecting ideas on how to overcome the 50 hurdles to social media strategy that he identified in an earlier blog post. When I get time, I'd like to add to it. Maybe you can take a look and add your thoughts?
  • Two-Page Guide to Using a Blog--Sue Waters points to Kathleen McGeady's nice little 2-page guide for parents on using the classroom blog she's developed. I'm planning to do something similar for the readers of the blog I'm maintaining for one of my clients. They're having a conference in a few weeks where I plan to pass it out.
  • Big Screen E-Readers May Help Save Newspapers--When I read this, all I could think was "Why do we INSIST on trying to save dying models by dressing them up in fancy digital clothes?" Seriously. How much better might we do if we invested time, thought and energy into innovating for where things are going, rather than to where they've been?
1) twitter has always been comprised of older people, because they use it as an aggregator and news source (Side note--interesting, in light of this TechCrunch article).

2) people adopting facebook now are old people because young people ALREADY HAVE ONE. and we've had one forever at this point. of course , 5 years after facebook went mainstream, the biggest growth would be by old people

3) linkedin is the laughing stock of millennials. who wants a linkedin? just create a google profile. the fact that this guy doesn't know this shows that he is very out of touch w/ gen Y.

I have to say that I'm a little disturbed by her repeated use of the term "old people," although I think she makes good points.


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Miss my virtual cube mate! Hope things settle down soon. Sounds like you'll need a break. Will your mean boss give you one?

I have been reading a lot about the demise of the print media. Good point about Kindles simply getting bigger. It that pointing technology in the right direction?

It's really unfortunate that young people believe that by virtue of attracting an older audience those types of media are of no use for them. While I certainly enjoy working with people my age, we miss out on opportunities to learn and collaborate with people older than us. As someone who uses Twitter, linked in, and uses my facebook to reach beyond my age group I can attest to the wonderful connections I have made with brilliant people who are older than I am and provide a unique perspective to the work I am doing.

Additionally, just because we are using certain types of media doesnt mean we are using them to do anything productive or interesting. Yes, I see you and pictures of your friends which is great. But, who cares? How is that bringing change? Why would someone hire you? Maybe the better question is not who is using social media but how that type of media being used. So of course people in their 40s are on LinkedIn, they probably have accomplishments to list other than graduating from college.

And of course, the majority of the world is not using these tools at all. They are keeping it old school and socializing face to face.

Each generation creates their own tools aside from their parents. 20 somethings have been using facebook and now others are catching up. Teens (of which I have two) are using mobile technology. My daughter was just lamenting that "Trackphone doesn't have any apps" (yes, she used apps which I am sure most 20 somethings don't use). "Can I get an itouch? They have cool apps." Did I mention that she is 13?

My response: when you can afford to pay for it, you can get whatever you want!

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