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Reader Six-Word Memoirs

Six Word Memoirs About Work and Learning

Pencils They say the shortest story ever written was this six-word beauty by Hemingway:

For sale: baby shoes, never worn.

Following up with that idea, Smith Magazine invited readers to submit their own six-word memoirs. The first compilation was Not Quite What I Was Planning and their the latest project is Six-word memoirs on Love and Heartbreak (guess what my husband is getting for Valentine's Day?).

If it can work for love, it can work for work, too, so I thought it would be cool to see if we could collect some six word memoirs about your experiences with work and learning. Here are some that I thought of:

  • Not sure how I got here.
  • Did what I loved--made money.
  • Should have majored in something else. 
  • Have I learned it all? Never!
  • Worked my butt off. Worth it?
Ok, so I'm not Hemingway. And I seem to be a little down about work.  But it's still fun. Consider it like Twitter on a diet.

What about you guys? Do you have a six-word memoir to share about work and learning?

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It's OK to make a mistake.

I guess I'm a perpetual late-bloomer, getting married at 32 and becoming a father at 44, so this seems to fit:

Started living late, catching up fast!

Writing is magical -- if they believe.

-- Kevin

First year sucked. I got better.

When in doubt, I changed careers.

I can't top Dan's but I'll play...

Learning to live a learning life.

Wanted to do it all. Couldn't.

Ideas are easy. Follow-through isn't.

Simultaneously striving for growth and contentment.

Wanted: a six-word annual report.

Thanks for the fun game, Michele!

These are AWESOME everyone! Keep 'em coming!

Prospering at the speed of relativity
Looking inward past the silly words
The flow running deep is ours
Recognizing humour and irony in everything
Learning to work working to learn
What fun discovery at every turn

Did what I was good at

Pluck carried me all along

I am good but no job

There is a time to work
And a time to be fired

I guess mine trended a little negative too, but I tried to get a couple of positive ones:

Still trying to figure it out

View from the bottom isn't pretty

No plan equals no good work

Someday I want to be better

Love generating ideas and executing them

As this post shows....

My Personal Learning Network continually rocks!

Recipe for life: Love. Laugh. Learn.

Daughter at university; need the money.

I find I've become my mother.

My hair is gray; I'm not.

Surprise: Success = follow instructions + meet deadlines.

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