Six Word Memoirs About Work and Learning
Bamboo Project Readers' Guide to Blogging for Personal Branding

Reader Six-Word Memoirs

I'm working on a round-up post covering the great personal branding advice I got from my readers, but in the meantime, wanted to share with you the excellent 6-word memoirs people wrote after last week's post. I'm consistently amazed at the creativity, thoughtfulness and humor of my readers. An incredible group of people.

Janet Clarey: It's OK to make a mistake.

Rob O.:  Started living late, catching up fast!

Kevin Hodgson: Writing is magical -- if they believe.

Dan Callahan: First year sucked. I got better.

Peter Campbell: When in doubt, I changed careers.

Kairos: I am good but no job.

Ken Allan
: Daughter at university; need the money.

Betsy Hansel : I find I've become my mother.

Catherine Lombardozzi:

  • Learning to live a learning life.
  • Recipe for life: Love. Laugh. Learn


  • Wanted to do it all. Couldn't.

  • Ideas are easy. Follow-through isn't.

  • Simultaneously striving for growth and contentment.

  • Wanted: a six-word annual report.

Brent MacKinnon

  • Prospering at the speed of relativity
  • Looking inward past the silly words
  • The flow running deep is ours
  • Recognizing humour and irony in everything
  • Learning to work working to learn
  • What fun discovery at every turn


  • Did what I was good at
  • Pluck carried me all along


  • There is a time to work
  • And a time to be fired


  • Still trying to figure it out

  • View from the bottom isn't pretty

  • No plan equals no good work

  • Someday I want to be better

  • Love generating ideas and executing them


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My favorite was (according to legend) the motto of a New England dairy:

Good as any, better than some.

Thanks for the shout out Michele! I usually have trouble with this sort of thing, but it was actually kind of fun (and maybe more revealing than I originally intended).

My favorite of the bunch is Betsy's. It tells you a lot in a 6 word reflection.

For more 6-word fun, check out:
1. The now in judging Freakonomics 6 Word United States Motto.
2. Wired's 6 word stories, of which my favorite is Alan Moore's "Machine. Unexpectedly, I’d invented a time" for its absolute cleverness.

Hi Michelle,

I totally love this blog and what a grand idea to collect 6 word memoirs! While not nearly as profound as some on this list (you all are awesome) I'll toss in a few more:
1. Follow your mind AND body wisdom.
2. When an opportunity knocks, say yes!
3. Be fearless, be forgiving, be fun.
And I learned this one from a former boss:
4. Ask for forgiveness, not for permission.

This is a unique extension of the "microblogging" concept of using brevity to encourage creativity and innovation....not to mention efficiency! ....I like it! :-)

One day, It'll all make sense

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