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Online Portfolio Examples to Share?

I'm currently working on a longer online workshop version of the webinar I did last year on how to create an online portfolio. I had collected a number of great examples then, but I'm wondering if you've run across any that you think are noteworthy and should be included? I'm interested in portfolios that have been created using free, readily available tools, as opposed to portfolios developed as part of proprietary systems, like through a university.

If you know of any great examples, please leave me a link in comments or feel free to email me at [email protected].


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Hi Michele,

You can have a look at mine and use it if you think it fits the online portfolio criteria you are using, please use it.



Brent--this is great--thank you! I will of course give you proper credit. :-)


Not sure either if my page fits your needs, but you can check it out and use it if you'd like :)


It's my online portfolio where I post photos I take, web design I do, school work (I study a bachelor's degree in IT and Interaction Design), cool stuff I find and more :)

Best regards,
Julie Hoaas

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