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Fill in the Blank

This time of year makes me want to. . . .

Leave me something in comments or feel free to blog about it and then leave the link.  Maybe we'll have a contest for the most creative or amusing response. . . .

I'll even go first:

This time of year makes me want to crawl into bed with several books, a year's supply of chocolate chip cookies, a thermos of milk, and all 5 seasons of The Wire on DVD (with my laptop), not to emerge until spring when I can once again sip margaritas or drink morning coffee on my tiny, but wonderful patio built by my large and wonderful husband.

Your turn. . .


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This time of year makes me want to go sled riding, ice skating on a frozen pond, cross country skiing through snow laden trees, build a snowman, have a snowball war with snow forts and then come inside with red cheeks to sit by a warm fire with a cup of hot chocolate and a big bowl of chili.

This time of year makes me wish that I hadn't worked so hard in the summer and therefore missed it! It makes me want to sip mulled wine and whine about the neverending Chicago snow

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This time of year makes me want to clean my closets out to make room for all the neat stuff to happen in the rest of the year.

It also makes me want to be naturally cold-resistant so I can take my camera out into all of the awesome winter landscapes out there and capture them for everyone else.

This time of year makes me want to run away from home! (Preferably someplace like Costa Rica where the weather is warm and away from all my responsibilities...including being snowed/iced in with two teenagers and a sick husband!).

This time of year makes me want to say 'ha ha' to you lot in the northern hemisphere cos I'm just brushing off the BBQ and thinking about going camping - except thinking about it is usually all I do.

This time of year has me building a fire in the fireplace, settling in with a computer, book, or movie (the computer usually wins) with my beloved chihuahua snuggling with me. Restlessness later leads to cleaning and sorting but not quite yet. Being darker has its perks - you can settle into pajamas a little earlier!

This time of year makes me thankful I live in Texas where today's high was near 80 and that is not unusual. (Tomorrow will be "cold" with a low of 40 something, YIKES!) This is the time to be outdoors because in a few weeks, it will be too hot to go anywhere that isn't airconditioned. This time of year I remember the blistering, death-causing heat that begins in March and may end in October. I love winter in Texas!

This time of year I’m torn between weeds.
I love being outside in the beautiful Australian summer and weeding the garden but it also time to weed out the mess in the house. It is amazing how much debris is left behind after a busy year. Weed the garden or weed the office, pantry, wardrobe... Both make you feel good when then done.

Thanks to everyone who played along on this one. I'm frankly jealous of those of you who live "down-under," but then again, the situation gets reversed when it's summer here, right?

When I read John's response, I felt a little guilty--here I am wanting to crawl under the covers and he's out there building forts, skating, etc. But then Emma and Louise weighed in to make me feel a little better about my hermit tendencies at this time of year. And Virginia, if you do run away to someplace warm, I'll go with you. I'm already wondering if I can afford to go someplace tropical in February or March when my will to go on begins to take a serious hit. :-)

Kia ora Michele

I'm with Sarah on this one, and for the same reason.

It being summer, and the holidays and all that, this time of year makes me want to do something completely different!

Catchya later
from (sunny) Middle-earth

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