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Things I've Been Doing Instead of Blogging

  • Skyping with my 20-year old daughter about the angst-ridden journal entries she wrote when she was 16. Apparently I was "insensitive" and "a nightmare" on more than one occasion. 
  • Recovering from the tryptophan coma that followed our Thanksgiving dinner.
  • Attending meetings and participating in long conference calls that challenge my ability to focus and suck out of me every ounce of creativity I possess. (OK, I exaggerate a little. I have a FEW ounces of creativity left). 
  • Eating soul food and listening to great jazz at Warmdaddy's.
  • Watching The West Wing on DVD, a series I never watched when it was actually on TV, I think because it might have been too depressing to see President Bartlet and compare him to current White House residents.
  • Not responding to comments here, for which I apologize.

Is it me, or is there a food theme going on here?


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good to see you are back.
I have had to be very disciplined about my reflective blogging as my micro-blogging activities have taken over big-time aka Twitter.

I'm so pleased you've discovered The West Wing. I am a huge fan and have been for ages. Yes I have all 7 Seasons on the shelf.

Take your point about the 'real' V 'virtual' White House. Good times ahead though I think in that regard.

0Well, that all sounds like so much more fun than blogging! I think we are in the food tunnel that begins just bef9ore thanksgiving and ends sometime in april if you live in a cold climate like the northeastern US?

Hey Kate--yes, I've become totally addicted to The West Wing. Incredibly smart and funny and a good complement to my obsessive reading of The Huffington Post and Daily Kos. :-)

And Janet--you are so right about the food tunnel! I'm just hoping to make it through without turning into a total blob!

Vacations and downtime are important, as is sustenance and nourishment. More on food at my link.

Isn't it a parent's responsibility to be a nightmare on occasion to their teenage sons and daughters?

My sister, who has three daughters in their twenties, gave each of her daughters a journal when they started high school. She told them, "this is for you to write down all of the things I do that anger you, embarrass you, and just in general make you miserable."

She then did a very smart thing. She told them she did not want to see it, but she wanted them to keep it and show it to their daughters when they entered high school! So tell your daughter to hold on to the journal and show it to her daughter when she complains about your daughter being insensitive as a mother!

Andy--you're totally right that it's my duty as a mother to be a nightmare once in awhile. What's funny is that my younger daughter is now 16 and she's saying the same things her sister did at that age.

Virginia--What a great idea your sister had! My older daughter was actually laughing at the entries she was reading to me because she realized what a little jerk she had been. She kept saying "I can't believe I was such a shallow brat." So even a few short years later, she has some perspective. I keep a journal, too, so I told her that we should compare our entries from that time period to see how we looked at things differently. We decided we should write a book from it. :-)

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