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What Are You Doing to Invest in Yourself?

Invest Harold Jarche points us to a recently released study on corporate responses to the recession/depression we're currently in:

This morning the CLC (Corporate Leadership Council) released the results of a survey that asked CEOs which areas were to suffer the most in response to the crisis. L&D [learning & development] came out on top at 38%. So this means, globally, that a third of organisations surveyed will stop investing in development of employees. Recruiting was second and IT infrastructure was third.

Aside from the obvious implications for L&D (which Harold dissects nicely), the bigger issue is that here is yet another reason why no one can afford to depend on their company for professional development. You must take responsibility for your own learning.

Smart companies use the downturns to prepare for when the economy improves. That's what smart people do, too. So some questions to consider in preparation for what promises to be a long, cold winter:

  • Do you know what skills employers are looking for? (This article says that part of what we're dealing with here is a fundamental mismatch between what people know how to do and where the jobs are).
  • Do you know which of your skills are obsolete or on their way to becoming so? Are you doing something to build new ones?

Now is the time to invest in yourself. If you don't, no one else will. What can you do to make that investment?

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Boy, this resonates with me. My graduate course has K-12 teachers as students, and in discussing this topic last week, the majority felt that professional development was the duty of the school and not themselves. That bothers me!

Michelle, This is so timely and spot on for people in prevention and social change. So much is happening, especially around the merging of community and technology. Many people in this field are not ready for making that merger. Having a plan to slip into social media tools for learning, networking and creating online community is a critical part of prevention's success. Thank you for this post. I wrote about and linked to you from Technology in Prevention. Looking forward to developing the plan!

Hi Michele

I am looking for advice or feedback for a NGO who is wanting to explore social media and how they can use it to network more effectively:

I'd be really greateful if you could pop across and have a look at what I've said

thank you, Sarah

Great post! Got me thinking.

I like your article. It add some information to my mind.

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