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Week 4 on RSS and Aggregators is Up at Work Literacy

We're embarking on Week 4 of the Work Literacy learning project. This week it's RSS and feed readers.

Although the thrust of the module is primarily about how learning professionals can learn and manage information by subscribing to feeds, I find that I'm more interested in how we can use feeds as learning tools for the people with whom we're working. For example, I continue to be in awe of the way Spanish Pod leverages their feeds--they make it easy for you to create your own personalized feed of lessons based on your level of language proficiency or the types of situations (like food, greetings, travel, etc.) you want to develop.

I also think that we could be setting up a variety of themed feeds using Netvibes or Pageflakes that would make it easy for people to add pre-selected categories to their readers. Imagine, for example, pre-selected feed tabs for different occupational areas or for new hires or for industry trends. This is a service that learning professionals could easily take on as part of the performance support aspect of their work.

Diigo's Web Slides feature is another way to leverage feeds. It turns your feeds and bookmarks into an online slide show that includes Diigo's commenting features. You can put audio with the slides to give a guided tour or create a tutorial.

What other ways could we be getting creative with how we use feeds with learners?


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