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Blogging for Learning--"Audio Blogging"

This is the last (for now) in my series of posts on using blogs for learning.

Earlier this week, Lee Kraus wrote a post on finding the time to blog. He mentioned that he has a two-hour drive every day, which leaves lots of time for thinking, but not for writing. Time is always a challenge for bloggers, but if you're in the car two hours a day, audio blogging (podcasting) might be something to consider.

A great option for this would be Gcast, which lets you record a podcast from your cell phone. You simply set up your free account and then when you're ready to record, you call a toll-free number and start blabbing into your cell (hands free, of course). You're also able to upload podcasts you've recorded from another source, but for easy, on the fly recording, the cell phone option is a good one, I think. Once you're done, it can be uploaded directly to your blog.

Some possible uses?

  • Record and share audio at meetings, conferences and workshops
  • Record and share interviews with SMEs or with speakers at conferences.
  • Create mini audio lessons that staff can download onto their computers or mp3 players and listen to at their convenience.
  • Document success stories and best practices--in their own words.
  • Have people introduce themselves for an audio employee directory.
  • Have learners create audio journal entries--maybe describe what they learned as the result of a training event or as an ongoing professional development activity.
  • Create learning channels--maybe a leadership learning channel where you create and share podcasts on leadership lessons and issues or a channel for different professions to share best practices and ideas.

Here's a quick guide to using Gcast. This guide is helpful too (PDF).

What do you think? Does podcasting have a place in the blogging for learning toolkit? How do you see something like Gcast working as a blog learning tool?


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Michele, thanks for sharing! I've piggybacked on your great ideas, contributing a crumb here and there. ;->

With appreciation,

Miguel Guhlin
Around the Corner

Hi Michele is this number toll free world wide or just in the US? Sounds like a great idea if there is no cost involved.

Thanks Miguel--I left a comment over on your post.

Lynn, if you're outside the US, the number to call for Gcast is +1-305-437-8719. Not sure if that's toll free or not, though.

I'm a big fan of Gcast and have taken it upon myself to become a bit of an evangelist, too :P  Just last week I gave an impromptu demonstration following a presentation at a conference.

I love the ease of use. I have used it a number of times to capture thoughts when inspired and away from my computer, with access to no other technology but my phone. And it's really simple to then embed the audio in my blog.

If you'd like to see this in action just click my name, below -- it links to my blog.

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