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Working/Learning Carnival--September 2008 Edition

I got some great posts for September's version of the Working/Learning Carnival. I'd hoped to have my own post ready to go by today, but that apparently will not be happening. Between getting myself ready for this week's Leadership Retreat and the Brandon Hall Innovations in Learning Conference next week, plus taking care of all the work that won't get done while I'm gone, I'm in a serious time crunch. My Working/Learning tip for the month is "learn when to say 'no.'"

Luckily other wonderful bloggers WERE able to contribute some great stuff, so without further ado:

  • In her contribution, Virginia Yonkers suggests that we need better ways to prepare workers for learning and to measure their informal learning experiences. I couldn't agree more, Virginia.
  • Jasmin Tragas responds to my question on how to keep motivated for ongoing learning and points out that social media has been a huge boost for her.

Thanks to everyone for your contributions!


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Learning to say no is a vital part of connecting, I think. People talk a lot about how the brain builds neurons; we tend to forget that another vital function is the pruning that occurs (especially in early childhood and again in adolescence).

Thanks for being a good (and a candid) host for the carnival.

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