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Seeking Your Posts for the Working/Learning Carnival

On Monday I'll be hosting the next edition of the Working/Learning Carnival. From my experience with previous carnivals, I've found that it's best to leave topics pretty open-ended, so I'm looking for posts that explore this theme:

Work at learning; learning at work

Do with it what you will.

I will say that I'm particularly interested in how people keep learning at work--not so much keeping up with learning, as in "how do I stay on top of things?" but more how do you keep up the motivation to keep learning? Sometimes it seems so much easier to sink into just getting things done--learning can seem like one more complication. How do you keep challenging yourself to learn? What do you do if you hit a sort of learning lull?

To participate, please publish your post on Sunday, September 14  and then send me the link so I can put it in Monday's Carnival post. 

Looking forward to seeing what you come up with. . .


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Just chiming in to encourage people to take part.

Don't be shy. Posting in a blog carnival is like deciding to give a presentation -- no matter who the audience is, you'll benefit from thinking about what you do (or even thinking about what you think about).

Tech tips for participating are here.

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