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Why You Should Own Your Name as a Domain

Apparently Glenn Tilton, President and CEO of United, didn't get the memo on personal branding. He didn't own his name as a domain, so the United pilots looking for his ouster purchased it and are using it to as the URL for the website, Glenn Tilton Must Go. A significant amount of Google juice there, as number 4 on a search for his name is the anti-Tilton site. Not that you might end up in this situation, but stranger things have happened. I'm thinking the wrath of the ex or maybe an angry colleague. This is a bell that can be hard to un-ring. Might be a good idea to buy that name today. . . . Thanks to Laurie Ruettimann for the link.


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I know this is probably a silly question but where do you do to buy a domain?

Sarah, not a silly question at all--I actually meant to include links in the original post. I've used Bluehost.com. I also know a lot of people use GoDaddy.com.

This is so important! I work with job seekers, and we preach the importance of having a consistent "self brand" available when your name is "Googled." One of my favorite articles on Self-Branding is by Tom Peters. Here's a link: http://www.fastcompany.com/magazine/10/brandyou.html

Sean Harry, Career Management Solutions

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