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Web 2.0 Wednesday: Make Us a Web 2.0 Wednesday Logo

I admit that this week's activity is a little selfish, but hey, sometimes that's how I roll.

Here's the deal. I'd love to have a logo we can use for Web 2.0 Wednesday activities, so I'm thinking that crowdsourcing is a good idea. And here's how we can tie it into Web 2.0 Wednesday:

  • Use Flickr to find some Creative Commons-licensed photos or graphics to use. Be sure to look for a license that allows derivatives, which means you can remix the photo.
  • Use Picnik to edit your photo and turn it into a logo with some cool fonts.
  • Try Cooltext if you want to just come up with a logo with no pictures involved.

Of course, if you have other Web 2.0 tools you want to use to come up with a logo, then feel free to use them.

Once you have the logo, send it my way. Ideally I'm hoping for several contributions and then we can do a poll to see which one people prefer. Of course, if we don't get any entries, then I guess we'll be logo-less for awhile longer. :-)

Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!


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Thanks Michelle for making me aware of Picnik and Cooltext. I plan to use them for generating logos for other projects. I recently launched a blog called Beacons on the Frontlines to "sustain the light of those who serve," particularly in the nonprofit sector.

Thank you for consistently sharing ways to enhance life personally and professionally.


Hi Asia--glad I could add a couple of new tools to your repertoire. And your blog looks great! What a great concept since so many in the nonprofit sector fail to "fill their well" which makes it much harder to do the work. You're definitely providing a great service to the sector!

Hi Michele - I created a series of different Web 2.0 Wednesday logos. I'm hoping my readers will suggest which one to add to the vote.

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