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Times of Great Stress Create Great Opportunities

Sky_is_falling_2 Progress is often driven by our need to adapt to times of great stress. As we watch fuel prices climb and the economy sink, there's of course a very human desire to begin thinking that the sky is falling. Instead, this might be our opportunity to transform systems that haven't been working very well for a while.

  • Meetings could be re-thought, maybe making them optional or using an unmeeting structure. Maybe they could even be replaced by tools like blogs, wikis and Google docs that would allow us to work asynchronously and help us more effectively document our discussions.  Web conferencing and video-conferencing models offer additional opportunities to connect without driving anywhere.

These are small things in some ways, but cumulatively, they could have huge impact on our environment, on our economy, on our quality of life. They would give us extra time to spend on things we love, including family, friends, volunteer work, artistic pursuits, spirituality.  They could help us refill our personal wells, which in turn fuels our compassion, creativity and ability to cope with a changing world. Yes, we're facing some scary things, but maybe we need to look for the ways we can use them for positive ends.

What other opportunities do you see? How can we use some of the tumult we're facing as a society to effect positive change?

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Thanks, Michelle. After deciding to leave an organization that only served to inhibit change and act as ballast on the ship of progress, these links and nuggets were a source of inspiration.

Glad these helped, Andy--Good luck on the journey ahead. I think that when we make these kinds of decisions, they create the space for new and better things to happen if we can try to find the nugget of opportunity in it.

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