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Web 2.0 Wednesday: One Sentence Professional Development

It's Web 2.0 Wednesday and this week I have two options.

Day in a Sentence
In comments a few weeks ago, Kevin and a few others suggested that we tie into other Web 2.0-related activities that are currently going on, so this week we're going to take Kevin's advice and participate in an activity he's been running on his own blog, the "Day in a Sentence" project. This is very similar to the one-sentence professional development journal I've talked about previously. Here's how it works (from Kevin's post on his blog):

Welcome to Days in a Sentence — an ongoing Web 2.0 feature in which teachers and educators and others from around the world boil down their week or their day into the essence of a sentence and then share it out via this Weblog or a guest site.

It’s a great way to connect and share your writing with the world.

Please consider joining us this week. To do so, just:

  • Think about your week
  • Write your sentence
  • Share via the comment link on this post
  • On Sunday, I will collect and collate all of the sentences and publish them all
  • Come on back and read what others have written One Sentence Professional Development Journal
As an alternative, here's another one to try--use to create a one sentence professional development journal. Here's how it works:

  • Find an article that you want to bookmark in that makes you think.
  • Use the "Notes" section of the bookmark to write a sentence (or two) reflecting on the item you want to bookmark. It might be a brief summary of a key point (no fair if you just copy a quote from the item). It could be a commentary on what you read or a question it makes you want to ask. Check out Amy Gahran's bookmarks and you'll get an idea of the kind of thing I'm talking about here.
  • Tag it with "onesentencepd" (and any other appropriate tags) and save.

With the onesentencepd tag, you can keep track of all of your professional development items and look for trends in what you're marking and commenting on for professional development.

That's this weeks option--pretty quick and easy really. Let me know how it goes in comments. 


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This week I have been pushing myself to leave my comfort zone to join conversations more actively and I have enjoyed connecting with new people as a result.

Hi Michele,
I've been working on a Wiki Educator workshop where we learn wiki skills and collaborate in common projects about free learning for children all around the world.I've bookmarked my own user page.
Meanwhile, I keep reading you too.

This week, I've been working to restore balance to the relationship between the instructor as a facilitator and students using that facilitator as just another resource at this node in the knowledge diffusion network.

This week I've been thinking a lot about the interaction between systems and individuals, wondering at what point we as individuals have to maintain responsibility for changing our own part in the system.

This week I continued the summer intensive Japanese language course and writing posts on My posterous to reflect on the experience and to practice what I'm learning.

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