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NTEN Media Project Name Change--Help Us Out!

Lawyer Well, we've run into a bit of a hitch with the NTEN social media curriculum development project. Yesterday, Holly Ross, NTEN Executive Director, posted this discussion thread on the wiki:

We've hit a snag in the road, and we need your help to get past it. It seems the lawyers affiliated with an about to be published book (http://www.bethemedia.com) aren't too thrilled about our title. Given that they book is just weeks away from hitting the streets, that the author is a pretty nice guy, and that I don't want to hold up our work, the easiest solution is for us to find a new name for the project.

So now we need your help coming up with a new name. Check out Beth's round-up of the discussion so far, along with the incredible collection of creative names that have been identified. Then drop Beth or I a comment or leave us a note on the wiki with your thoughts.


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Michelle, thanks so much for your help here. We're in the process now of checking to see what suggestions have been trademarked (although that is 100% fail safe method because bethemedia wasn't trademarked) and what domains that match the names are already taken. Hopefully, we'll have a name real soon.

Despite that .. we have the first module almost complete - as complete as a living breathing curriculum can be.

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