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Now Here's a Model Lifelong Learner!

I am completely digging on Sacha Chua's blog. To me, she's a model for great personal and professional lifelong learning and clearly someone with a growth mindset. You'll also see from her Slideshare presentation above on Gen Y and Web 2.0 that her blog is part of what got her a job at IBM. 

Here's Sacha's personal learning plan. If you're looking for an example of one, this is as good a place as any to start. Notice there is no form she completed at the request of HR. I also see no mention of a supervisor who asked her to come up with this.

Something else I noticed about her plan--there's no line between the personal and professional here. Sacha wants to learn more about how to nurture relationships at a distance, in part for work but in part because she's separated from her own family. Sometimes I think the problem with learning plans is that we create this artificial separation between work and personal lives, even though really each is connected to the other. Sacha doesn't make those distinctions, though, and I think that's part of what makes her learning plan so alive and compelling.

I also like Sacha's weekly updates, where you can see she reflects on both professional and personal activities during the week and where she wants to go the following week. This is a great example of reflective practice. Since her blog is open to all of her work colleagues, it's also a good way for them to catch up with her and what she's doing in "digest" form. 

One of Sacha's goals in her personal learning plan is to improve her visual literacy and her story-telling abilities. The two presentations in this post show me that she's well on her way. Both include clear, simple ideas told in an engaging visual way.  They're nice pieces of work and great additions to the online portfolio she's clearly developing through her blog. 


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Awww... =) I'm glad you like my posts!

Love them, Sacha--now if we could figure out how to clone you! :-)

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