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Tag Cloud Wisdom


I was playing around with TagCrowd this morning and put in the URL for The Bamboo Project. It was sort of like a fortune cookie or a Magic 8 ball, getting back this message.


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Cool! In a similar vein, I put my annual report in Wordle. Jeff suggested using the result as the cover page!

On another post, Daniel told me that he's been experimenting more with ways to visualize information as a way to make it more easily understood. I'm thinking I may do a post on that because it's potentially one way we can help people make more sense of all of the information that flows across their desks--also a way to see patterns and trends.

There's another, similar tool called Wordle that I blogged about recently that produces really beautiful word clouds. Certainly though, TagCrowd is easier to use since you can submit your site rather than having to copy & paste the text from your posts. It's interesting to compare the results of the two...

Hi Rob--I've used Wordle and you're right, it's very cool and definitely more beautiful. I've been playing around with a few of these recently because I'm thinking that there's value in using them for analyzing trends, etc. and I haven't really explored that idea as much as I should.

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