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"Punishing Failure is a Way to Encourage Mediocrity"

Gong_show_3 Continuing my thinking this week on failure and risk-taking as forms of professional development, here's a great video from Michael Eisner on the role of failures in creating successes. A few gems:

  • Punishing failure is a way to encourage mediocrity. Fearful people do mediocre work.
  • To increase your successes, you have to double your failure rate.
  • Disney, taking a cue from The Gong Show, used to do brainstorming sessions where the worst ideas were "gonged." According to Eisner, it was a badge of honor to have your idea get the gong and the spirit of playfulness that surrounded the practice encouraged people to throw out their most outrageous and creative ideas.


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The interesting and unusual part of Eisner's comment is that it was a badge of honor to get the gong. It is not unheard of that in organizations and other social situations outrageous ideas are penalized and get gonged.

Richard Sheehy
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It's too bad that more people and organizations can't get comfortable with the idea of failure. I think it starts in school, with grading, and then just continues throughout the rest of our lives. It's really unfortunate.

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