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Posterous for the Easiest Blogging Ever



Here's a tool that will make starting and maintaining a blog easy, even for those who have minimal technical skill--Posterous.

Posterous allows you to do everything with your blog via email. That's right, everything. You can even set up your blog by sending an email! Simply send a message to [email protected] and you're up and running. The subject line of your email is the post title and the text of your email is the content. You can also send photos, videos files and mp3s. Posterous even has commenting, which you can also manage via email, reading and responding to comments right in your email client. Because you're using email, this also makes it incredibly easy to blog using your cell phone.   

Think about the possibilities here:

  • Share conference sessions as they happen.
  • Send photos or video of an off-site event or problem.

To me what's particularly exciting about Posterous is the ease of use for newbies. Just about everyone knows how to use email, so even the most technology-averse people could maintain a blog using a tool with which they are familiar and comfortable. This could be the killer app for spreading blogging to everyone.

Here's my Posterous blog. For the photo post, I simply attached the screenshot to my email and it was embedded into the blog. Incredibly simple.  Definitely worth checking out.


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I completely agree! I set up my own posterous blog yesterday and I love the simplicity of it. I think, like you, that this would be a great tool for people new to blogging. Definitely worth checking out and mentioning to others.

A friend read this, emailed us and now we're experimenting, lovely, thanks!

What I'm finding is really cool too is the ability to keep track of blog conversations through email. When I comment on someone's blog, that comment is emailed to me and I can respond via email, too. Again, for people who are used to using the email interface, this can combine the benefits of blogging with something that people already understand.

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