Comment Challenge Day 3: Sign up for a Comment Tracking Service
Comment Challenge Day 5: Comment on a Post You Disagree With

Comment Challenge Day 4: Ask a Question

Comment_challenge_logo One of the most powerful conversation starters is to ask a question. While many of us ask questions in our own blog posts, we may not tend to ask questions when we comment on other blogs. Yet this can be one of the best ways to engage the blogger and other commenters in further discussion.

Your task for today (courtesy of Christy Tucker ) is ask an open-ended question in a comment. Suggests Christy, "Aim for something open-ended and thought-provoking. Think 'How does using such-and-such tool help you engage in conversations online?' rather than 'What tool do you use to track comments?'" Then see what happens. Does the blogger respond? What about other commenters? If you'd like, blog about the experience, being sure to tag your post with the "comment08" tag.


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Yet another excellent task! This is great fun. :)

I am also testing coComment. I had some issues at first; however, it appears to be working okay now. While I still look-forward to a Firefox v3.0 compatible version (requires secure updating), I am really happy with the tool thus far.

I like this query.
I often wonder why people blog.
Personal ... professional ... whatever.
I even question myself, since my blog is a mix of personalities: personal writing, music, teaching, exploration.
I like it as a mix, but I wonder if it turns off readers.
Wait ... am I asking myself an open ended question?


I have the same mixed-message challenge on my blog. I tend to blur business, technology, brain candy, and whatever else tickles my fancy. However, I guess my blog is more for me than some arbitrary pursuit of readership. Since you have a blend of personal interests in a single blog, I suspect your motivation may be similar. ;)


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