Comment Challenge Day 30: How Can You Use What You've Learned About Commenting to Change Your Teaching?
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Comment Challenge Day 31: Your Top 5 Lessons

Comment_challenge_logo_5 We've finally done it! We've reached the end of the 31 Days of the Comment Challenge! It's been a long, crazy month with a lot of activity and (hopefully) a lot of learning. For your final task, I want you to reflect on what you've learned in the last 31 days. What did you personally gain from the Challenge? What did you gain professionally? Is this something you'd do again? If so, why? If not, why not? Share with us your Top 5 Comment Challenge Lessons and what you think you'll do differently now that you've been through the past 31 days.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Challenge and for all your wonderful posts and comments. This has been a great month, during which I know I've met a lot of new people and learned some really valuable lessons. Thanks for all of your contributions!


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Kia Ora Michele!

It has been a wonderful opportunity to participate. I owe it to your persistence, patience and kind tollerance that I started the Challenge when I did.

It hasn't been easy. There were times . . .

But then, as I've said before, it would not be a challenge if there were no frustrations, no mountains to climb, no chasms to cross, no problems to solve.

Thank you for taking the time to spend with me in the few days around the start of the Challenge. It is a credit to you that I am entering this comment today.

Ka kite

Thank you for all your generous work and for having made possible to me to take part in this challenging and rewarding on-line experience.
From now on it will be time for me to slow down and go back to study and learn from so many resources I've been collecting through the Challenge.
Until some day, in the future, we will be called again to join a new and irresistible Challenge...

Phew! the month of May sure went by quickly. Well done Michele, I have much appreciated your organisation of the challenge and your encouragement. I've learnt a lot and hope to share much of that with others. I've discovered so many bloggers that I'll be spending some time now consolidating my feeds and network. I'll also be commenting a lot more!

Thank you for all that you did to support us in our exploration. Your guidance (and that of the others) was crucial.

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