Comment Challenge Day 29: Write a Commenting Guide for Students
Comment Challenge Day 31: Your Top 5 Lessons

Comment Challenge Day 30: How Can You Use What You've Learned About Commenting to Change Your Teaching?

Comment_challenge_logo_6 Now that we're winding down in the Comment Challenge, it's time for some reflection. For today's task, I want you to consider what you've learned about the give and take of commenting and how it might apply in a classroom. What lessons did you learn about what it means to "speak up" through comments that is applicable to working with students? What did you learn about how to deal with things like dissent, asking questions, communication, etc. through this process that might influence your teaching practices, either on or off-line? Remember to tag your post with "comment08."


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Thanks to all of you who organized this month of activities. This reflection is a nice way to tie it all up into practical terms. I have appreciated the thought and support you and the rest of the organizers have put into the activities and resources.
Thank you

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