Comment Challenge Day 28: What's Your Blog Commenting Strategy?
Comment Challenge Day 30: How Can You Use What You've Learned About Commenting to Change Your Teaching?

Comment Challenge Day 29: Write a Commenting Guide for Students

Comment_challenge_logo_4 Most of the Challenge participants work in some kind of learning and education capacity, so today's task from  Silvia Tolisano is geared toward helping your students be better commenters. Silvia suggests writing an age-appropriate guide to commenting. What goes into it is up to you. How you communicate it is up to you. You may want to play around with audio or video. You might want to try using VoiceThread. You could also make writing the guide a collaborative process using a wiki or by having students reply in comments to a series of questions. If you decide to write the guide yourself, share it in a blog post. If you decide to use a more collaborative approach, describe how you'd do it in a blog post. Remember to tag your post with "comment08."


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