Comment Challenge Day 25: Take a Break!
Comment Challenge Day 27: What Do You Communicate About Your Personal Brand Through Comments

Comment Challenge Day 26: Exploring Other Ways to Comment

Comment_challenge_logo As many of us have discovered during the Challenge, written comments can sometimes be misconstrued or make it difficult for us to get our point across. Multimedia commenting, though, can address some of these issues. Today's task comes from Silvia Tolisano who asks us to think about other ways to comment on blogs. For example, Kate Foy and others have been playing around with video commenting using Seesmic. Here's a sample of how it looks. You could also use audio for comments, as this teacher did (although she recorded files and emailed them to her students). Although I haven't used it, Snapvine looks like it might be a decent option for doing this.

For today's task, explore how you might use multimedia for a richer commenting experience. Consider whether or not you think multimedia is a better option and how it might impact learning. You may even want to try out some multimedia commenting. Be sure to tag your blog post with "comment08."


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Kia Ora Michele!

I'm on a roll - I managed to comment on 3 typepad posts one after the other. If this is successful it will be the 4th.

This task is a difficult one! Probably the most difficult (for me) yet. I'm thinking about it though.

Also, I'm enjoying sending comments to your posts - I have a lot of catching up to do!

Ka kite
from Middle-earth

Well, I'm glad the commenting is finally working again--did you do something different on your end?

@Michele - Nope. Dag nabbit ah dun nuthin' differen' :-).

Good to be spamming comments on your posts again;-)

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