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Comment Challenge Day 22: Highlight a Favorite Comment

Comment Challenge Day 21: Make a Recommendation

Comment_challenge_logo In our blog posts, we'll often recommend another blog, a post or a resource that we've read, but we may not always do that in comments. For today's task, courtesy of Shelley Krause, you're going to make a recommendation for a resource in a blog comment. This can be a link to another blog or post or a link to a book, video, etc. Be sure to indicate why you're making the recommendation.

If you blog about this experience, remember to tag it with "comment08."


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Kia Ora Michele

I like this task. Is it important that the commented resource is relevant to the post that the comment is made on? I supposed that it was, but wasn't sure from your post. A great learning idea too - a chance for everyone to spread it around.

Just a note to say I couldn't comment on your site from home (again) yesterday despite the success I had the day before after the last time this had happened - I'm at work (TCS) writing this so it will not be coCommented.

Ka kite

Hi Ken--although I didn't say it, yes, it would probably help if the resource is relevant either to the post or to something another commenter asked or said.

RE: commenting here--what happens? Does it hang up and just not post? Email me if you can't comment back on this.

Tena koe Michele.

Thanks for the info - I guessed the context of it.

When I submit to your site from home it doesn't always work. But when it doesn't work it never works that day.

The pattern is always the same. I get timed out in Firefox and it is so frustrating - but I have noticed that on these occasions I can't submit to other typepad sites either. Odd.

Ka kite

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