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Comment Challenge Day 20: Three Links Out

Comment_challenge_logo Here's another activity from Christy Tucker.

This task is based an idea by Dave Ferguson that he calls "Three Links Out" or "Three Clicks Out." It's a way to find and explore blogs that aren't as familiar to you.

  1. Go to one of the blogs you regularly read and follow a link to another blog. This link could be in the blogroll or in a post.
  2. From that blog, follow a second link to a new blog.
  3. From that location, follow a third link to somewhere new.

Once you follow your third link, find a post and comment on it. If you aren't happy with where you ended up, repeat the process until you find something that inspires a comment.

If you blog about this experience, remember to tag it with "comment08."


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Kia Ora Michele!

Thanks for reminding me about this one. When I went hunting for my Award Winning Commenter I ended up doing just what you have described in your latest task - deja vu! In fact, I went further than 3 links (I think I counted about 7 or 8 most times before I decided to start from another node). That's how I came across all sorts of conversations that I'd no idea were taking place, and found Dogtrax everywhere :-)

Ka kite

So Ken, that means you've already done this activity--mark it down! :-)

I love this idea because it models what a lot of us sort of naturally did when first starting to read blogs. But over time, you sort of get in a routine and forget, and this is a valuable skill to share with new readers/users.

So thanks for the idea!

Great idea! I'm on my second link right now. This is something I usually do, but no as far.

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