Comment Challenge Day 14: Turn Your Blog Over to Your Readers
Shouldn't We All Be Learning Digital Literacy Skills?

Comment Challenge Day 15: Give a Comment Award

Comment_challenge_logo At Scott McLeod's suggestion, for today's task, you're going to give out a "Comment Award" to your favorite commenter (or commenters), recognizing them for their contributions to conversation in the blogosphere. You decide the parameters for your award--is it the quality of their comments? Or the questions they ask? Sometimes we value commenters because they challenge us to think or because they can be counted on to create community with other commenters. Whatever your reasons for making the award, today's your day to recognize the commenters you love the most. Check out Scott's blog for a Fantastic Commenter badge. Be sure to tag your post with "comment08." If you're not currently blogging, consider emailing a commenter you enjoy on someone else's blog. We all like some recognition!


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