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Convert Your Paper to i-Paper for Free!

Scribd_ipaper Last week during the Using Free Tools to Create an Online Portfolio webinar, we talked about strategies for embedding document files into web pages and one of the options I shared was Scribd.  Through its i-Paper interface, it allows you to embed a scrollable picture of your document, somewhat like what you see with a Slideshare slidecast, but it works for Word, PDF files, etc. You can see an example of how it looks here.

Now, via Web Worker Daily, I see that Scribd is prepared to help you out in converting all of your paper documents to i-Paper format for free. Simply email them about what you want to convert and you'll get a reply from one of their representatives. Then send them all your paper and they'll do the high quality scans and convert your documents to i-Paper where you'll be able to access them digitally. Not only is this a cool option for adding digital documents to your personal portfolio, it's also a great idea for organizations. Instead of all of those paper brochures, reports, etc., now you can have high quality digital versions that can be easily stored and used online.

To participate you must:

  1. Have full legal rights to any content you send.
  2. Not be in a hurry.  It will take time - weeks, at least - to get your content scanned.
  3. Agree to have your content published on

This is a limited time offer, so if you need to get that pile of papers off your shelves and into a nice-looking digital format, I'd suggest you check it out.


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Hey, Michele! Long-time, no bug! ;-) I'm delighted that you've been investigating Scribd. I'm wondering if you've had any success in embedding the code into a portfolio? I've tried several times and when I publish, not only does the document not show up by nothing on the page beneath it does either! I'm certain it's user error . If you happen to have any tips or insights, would you be willing to share them, please and thank you?

Shari :-)

Hey Shari--good to hear from you! Looks like the switch to iPaper hasn't been fully worked out for some platforms. I had the same problem trying to embed in Wikispaces, but could embed in PBWiki, for example.

I checked out the Scribd site and they noted that it isn't working with Wordpress because "WordPress aggressively strips JavaScript embed codes, rendering iPaper unusable in WordPress blogs." They're apparently working on this. I'm guessing that it may be the same for Wikispaces. I'm hoping this gets fixed soon!

Thanks, Michele - I knew you'd have the scoop! I'm relieved to find it wasn't user error (as I typically presume).

Have a great week! :-)

You write very well.

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