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Technology Nuggets--Blogging by Cell and Twenty-Somethings Don't Know Everything

I'm feverishly preparing for Thursday's webinar, but wanted to blog a couple of quick tech-related items. I also needed a break.

Jott_screen_2 Blogging by Cell
Cammy Bean over at Learning Visions woke up this morning with lots of blog ideas running through her head. Between two kids and a grueling work project, she's looking for ways to multi-task, so this morning she wrote her latest blog post with Jott. I've been using it mostly for reminders in the car, but it's people like Cammy and Bud Deihl who get me thinking that maybe I need to do something besides listen to NPR while I'm driving.

Gen Y Doesn't Know EVERYTHING About Technology
My 20 year-old daughter began blogging a few months ago from college, primarily on feminism and political issues, although some of her daily life is thrown in as well. Luckily she shared the link with me since I gauge whether or not she's still alive by the presence of new posts in my feed reader. Lately it's about the only way I can find her.

Anyway. . . she called me very excited a few hours ago to report that Huffington Post had linked to her, which completely threw her off because like most bloggers, she assumed that only her friends and work colleagues were actually reading her blog.  I asked her if she had Google Analytics installed so she could look at her traffic and my extremely web savvy, was on Xanga at 14, Gen Y daughter said "no." Then she said she didn't know how to do it and waited with that pregnant pause known to mothers the world over, the one that says "could you do it for me?"

So I just spent a few minutes installing it for her. My point being that there are still a lot of things these digital natives don't know about, which I have to remind myself of now and then. She's also never heard of Twitter. Or maybe she's just pretending that she doesn't know what it is because she's afraid I'll follow her.

This incident also showed me how times have changed. When I called from college for help, it was to ask if they'd send me some cookies.

Micheles_portfolio_screencapture There's Still  Room in the Using Free Tools to Create an Online Portfolio for Work or School Webinar
It's still not too late to sign up for the Using Free Tools to Create an Online Portfolio for Work or School webinar I'm running on Thursday, March 27 from 2-3 p.m. (EST) An investment of one hour and $35 and you'll get access to the webinar and a step-by-step workbook with links to some great examples ( I went with Google Notebook, in case you were wondering) . It should give you all you need to pull together a portfolio for yourself. You can complete the registration form here.


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I think this is a really important point to remember. I have been very surprised at how little my 'young' students don't know. And I am going through the process of teaching my 20 year old about tools that will enhance her learning.

BTW, I get to hear about my girl and what she is up to through Facebook. She didn't want to get into Skype because she was afraid I'd be 'bothering' her all the time! How rude is that!

One tool that I think a lot of younger people don't know about is RSS, which I find kind of interesting. They know what it is because of the activity feed in Facebook, but they've never heard of a feedreader, nor do they realize that they can use it to keep on top of other things. Maybe they have more time to just browse, so they don't feel compelled to find a more efficient option. :-)

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