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Shari Starts Her New Job Tomorrow

Shari For those of you following Shari Ward's Job Search 2.0 journey, I'm thrilled to report that she's just been offered a new position that she starts tomorrow! This job search took her only 5 weeks and according to her reflections on the process, her success is at least partially partially due to her use of technology:

As I consider the tools I used during my job search this time, you are looking at one of the best. This web portal gave me a place to have potential employers learn a bit about me, gain some insight into my thinking and communication skills by reading my blog, and see samples of my work through my online portfolio. And they could do all this at any time they liked! I have found this to be extremely powerful, and would suggest it to any job seeker.

I suspect that her success was also a result of her incredible enthusiasm. After several phone consults with her I can say that Shari is one of the most positive people I think I've ever spoken to. Congratulations, Shari!


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Yay Shari! Thanks Michele and Shari for sharing this whole process with us.

Thank you for all your support, Michele! I'm so glad to count you among my "virtual circle" of colleagues!

Shari :-)

Wow! Fantastic work!

Its interesting how you can start to use your blog for job searching and the elevation of your professional identity. I am not looking for a new job but I have been trying to make some professional connections recently and I keep referring people back to my blog. I will also refer people to my eportfolio when it is looking a little more presentable. Thanks a lot, Shari

I agree with your insight, Sarah - the tools are powerful not only for job search but in strengthening your professional presence. Keep up the good work!

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