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Guide to Using Free Tools to Create an Online Portfolio

Last week I ran my Using Free Tools to Create an Online Portfolio webinar. We had a nice mix of different professional backgrounds, although it was all women, which I found kind of interesting. Men, where were you? Anyway, I got lots of good feedback and emails and was happy to hear that several people were already working on pulling together their portfolios. I thought that others could benefit from... Read more →

With Web 2.0, You Can Run, But You Can't Hide: Tools and Resources for Managing Your Online Reputation

In a few weeks I'll be doing a presentation on social media and public relations for the Philadelphia Black Public Relations Society, so this video via Escape from Cubicle Nation is very timely. It's from Gary Vaynerchuck who argues that in the transparent world of Web 2.0 it will be impossible to have multiple identities. "You are who you are online," he says. No more can you be "one person... Read more →

Offline Manuals Really Don't Cut it For Me Anymore

I'm in the middle of putting together a teacher manual on how to conduct informational interviews and job shadows and I don't mind saying it's seriously annoying. The client wants a paper-based version because she says that people like to "hold something in their hands." While this may be true, that manual they're holding won't be nearly as dynamic and helpful as it would have been if I could do... Read more →

When Learning Gets Personal: For Bob Cook

I write a lot about the benefits of blogging as a learning tool and have done a great deal of thinking about what gets people motivated to start blogging. An email I received yesterday from Sarah Cook Curtis reminded me that sometimes learning to use a new technology can come from an incredibly personal (and somewhat painful) place. Sarah's email had the subject line "Thank You" and said this (with... Read more →

Technology Nuggets--Blogging by Cell and Twenty-Somethings Don't Know Everything

I'm feverishly preparing for Thursday's webinar, but wanted to blog a couple of quick tech-related items. I also needed a break. Blogging by Cell Cammy Bean over at Learning Visions woke up this morning with lots of blog ideas running through her head. Between two kids and a grueling work project, she's looking for ways to multi-task, so this morning she wrote her latest blog post with Jott. I've been... Read more →

Working/Learning Blog Carnival

David Ferguson from Dave's Whiteboard has just published the first of what I hope is a continuing series of Blog Carnivals on working and learning. The theme was simple: “Work at learning; learning at work” and there are some excellent posts from Cathy Moore, Janet Clarey, Harold Jarche and, of course, Dave. One of my "golden oldies" is in there too. An excellent way to ease into your Monday after... Read more →

Dump Your Resume--Build a Reputation Instead

For anyone who’s looking for a new job or just wants to keep their options open, this is a little scary. Dan Enthoven, vice president of marketing of job search firm Trovix, recently conducted a study where he sent out 35 fictitious resumes to companies he knew were seeking software engineers: The resumes included all the right credentials and background needed for each specific job posted on company sites, including... Read more →

Google vs. Zoho for Handouts: Reader Feedback

Yesterday I put up two versions of online handouts I'm considering for my March 27 webinar on e-portfolios--one using Google Notebook and the other using Zoho Notebook--and asked for reader votes and feedback on which version to use. As usual, I was richly rewarded. The majority of readers (67%) voted for Zoho. Like me, they were attracted to its look and feel. Claudia Escribano thought it was more "digestible." Mike... Read more →

Zoho Notebook vs. Google Notebook for Handouts: Which Would You Use?

I'm prepping for the webinar I'm doing on Using Free Tools to Create an Online Portfolio for Work or School on March 27 and was looking for the best way to create my handouts. I knew I wanted to do something online because there were a lot of samples to share, so I started thinking about my options. Initially I was going to set up a wiki, but then I... Read more →

Voice Problems

I'm having a voice problem right now. Not of the laryngitis variety. It's a writing issue. Today, as I wrote a jargon-laden response to an RFP for a client, I realized how soul-sapping it is to do that kind of work. It's what's expected, unfortunately, by the funders and by the client, so I have to do it. In fact, I've become quite adept at stringing together a series of... Read more →