With Web 2.0, You Can Run, But You Can't Hide: Tools and Resources for Managing Your Online Reputation
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Guide to Using Free Tools to Create an Online Portfolio

Portfolio_notes_screencaputre_2   Last week I ran my Using Free Tools to Create an Online Portfolio webinar. We had a nice mix of different professional backgrounds, although it was all women, which I found kind of interesting. Men, where were you?

Anyway, I got lots of good feedback and emails and was happy to hear that several people were already working on pulling together their portfolios.

I thought that others could benefit from the handouts I created for the webinar, so here they are, your Guide to Using Free Tools to Create an Online Portfolio.

Six Steps to Creating Your Online Portfolio:

1.  Identify the purpose of your portfolio

2.  Identify/create/organize your artifacts

3.  Identify the technology tool you will use

4.  Set up a portfolio structure and Table of Contents

5.  Create your portfolio

6.  Market/Share your portfolio

You'll also find a bunch of great examples, as well as links to other resources and articles.

One interesting thing I noted in the webinar was that everyone who attended wanted to use their portfolios for passive job searching--essentially building their online reputations and letting people know what they do as a form of networking. I was actually really glad to see this because I've found that waiting until you're actively searching to pull together a portfolio isn't as effective. It takes time to create a body of work and you need to treat this as an ongoing process of pulling together your best stuff. And of course, having an online portfolio is yet another way to manage your reputation.

I'm planning to run the webinar again in a month or two, so if you're interested in participating, drop me an email. Also note that I'm postponing the webinar I had planned for April 8 on Using Storytelling Techniques to Make Your Online Portfolio Rock! I'll post the new dates when I reschedule.

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