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Use Haiku to Summarize Your Learning

Haiku_2 Here's a fun activity for summarizing your learning at the end of a project or learning experience, via Matthew Homann (who I got to through this round-up post on VizThink from Christine Martell). It's called PowerPoint Haiku:

  1. Everyone gets three "slides" (one each for the questions they have to answer) that can be notecards, 8.5 " x 11"  cardstock, or even (gasp) actual PowerPoint slides.
  2. You pose three questions to the group.  At VizThink, they were: "Why did you come to VizThink?"  "What did you learn?" and "What are you going to do next?"
  3. Each question is answered on a separate slide with this Haiku-like twist: The first question MUST be answered in 5 words, the second question in 7 words, and the third in 5 words.  And yes, I know that in true Haiku, you count syllables instead of words.
  4. Everyone can then take their "slides" and add a drawing, picture or other visual images to each one.
  5. The mini-presentations are then shared around the table.

This is something that could be adapted for a lot of different questions:

  • What did you do best in that project or experience?
  • What will you change for the future?
  • What was the biggest "aha" moment for you?
  • How did this experience highlight your strengths?
  • Who were the most important people connected to in this project?
  • What was one thing you wish you knew before you started this project?
  • What was the best advice you received during the project?

It also easily lends itself to several different reflection formats. I could see the three PowerPoint slides or a blog entry, of course, but also a quickie Gcast or a VoiceThread.  And to expand on the concept a little, I'd LOVE to see something like an Indexed summary of learning, although personally I'm not that clever. This might be something good to add to the list of blog post formats that could be adapted for learning.

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I missed blog-reading for a week while I was traveling. Just wanted to say that I really like the new banner and the whiteness of your design. The tagline is a little bit longish. I wonder if you could remove "personal and professional" and still get the same message across? Just a tiny suggestion. Thanks for writing one of my favorite blogs on the Internet!

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