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Passion-Based Learning from Amir Ahmad

Amir I'm a BIG fan of basing your learning on your passions. My personal opinion is that true learning only takes place when we're passionate about the topic. So I was excited to find a new blog written by 21 (!) year-old Amir Ahmad called Passion-based Learning.

Right out of the gate he has two great pieces, one on 7 Easy, Powerful Steps to Create a Personal Learning Environment (which, of course, fits right in with my own interest in this), as well The Ultimate List of 50 Kick-Ass Blogs to Boost Your Learning Experience. Amir's just getting started, but he's already doing some great stuff. I also love that he's so smart already--he completely gets the need to be self-directed in your personal and professional development. And they say Gen Y is lazy!


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Thanks for bringing this blog to our attention. Amir seems to be on the same path as a lot of us that are looking for ways to improve the way we learn and share our insights with others.

Best of days,

Thanks a lot for the post Michele. :)

Great find. One of those blogs where you wonder how he figured all those details out right away. Great content, great design.

When it comes to the topic Passion Based Learning, I hve to tell that there is no other product in this world superior to the "Smarten Your English through......" Series.
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