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Open PD--Professional Development on a Global Scale

Via Stephen Downes comes this link to the Open PD project, a world-wide professional development opportunity for teachers to learn about social networking tools together. What's interesting to me is the model, which could be applied across occupations, industries and topics. This happens to be a group of teachers learning about social media. It could just as easily be a group of managers learning about how to support their employees.... Read more →

Another Reason Why I Love Jott

On Monday I'm meeting with two clients and need to get some materials unrelated to our meeting from one of them. Usually I write myself a note to remember this kind of thing. Half the time I somehow don't see the note or for some other reason I'll STILL forget to get the materials. But this was before the awesomeness of Jott. Now, on Monday at 10:15 a.m., during my... Read more →

More From Shari on Her Web 2.0 Job Search

This is the latest guest post from Shari Ward, who I've been working with to integrate social media tools into her job search. I did a call with Shari yesterday and she reported that it's been really helpful to her to have an online presence. A recruiter contacted her to discuss a potential opening and she was able to immediately forward him a link to her blog and portfolio, which... Read more →

Retiring Baby Boomers + Gen X/Millenials + Technology=Virtual Mentoring?

Awhile back, Vicki Davis wrote an excellent post on how she had used Skype, a headset and a webcam to bring business people as "virtual volunteers" into her classroom where they could share their experiences with her students and respond to their questions right from their offices. It occurs to me this morning that with the impending wave of retiring Baby Boomers and a mounting need for Gen X and... Read more →

After the Conference, Some Lunchtime Learning

| View | Upload your own At many organizations only a few people attend conferences while the rest of the staff is left behind to "hold down the fort." How great would it be if they returned from their travels and presented a lunch-time session on what they learned, as Jim Salinger of Threshold Interactive did for his co-workers. And with this format, it's one more thing to add to... Read more →

Thick and Chunky Learning: Cooking up Learning with Social Media

The blogosphere has definitely made me a believer in the collective unconscious, if only because I continually find that there are so many times when different aspects of the same coin are being examined at the same time without our realizing it. Last week as I was writing about the role of the instructional designer as a digital curator, Britt Watwood was writing about "thick and chunky instruction": One of... Read more →

Using Voicethread to Create an Online Presentation Portfolio

I've been doing a lot of work and thinking lately on the online portfolio concept as I'm in the process of putting together a webinar on how to use free online tools to create your own porfolio. (Email me or leave a comment if you're interested in attending). It occurred to me over the weekend that a tool that could potentially be very useful for creating a presentation portfolio is... Read more →

EPortfolios for Professional Development: Sarah' Stewart's Online Portfolio

Inspired by my recent post on how Shari is developing an online portfolio, midwife and regular reader Sarah Stewart has started working on her own version. Sarah decided that now was the time because as a professional midwife she's required to have a portfolio (she's had a paper version for awhile) and since more and more of her work is digital, it made sense to her to organize something online.... Read more →

Instructional Designers and Trainers as Digital Curators?

Sometimes a few conversations converge to result in a sort of serendipitous moment of insight --or at least questions. First there was Jeff Cobb's More than 100 Free Places to Learn--and Counting. It's a phenomenal list of resources, but I would guess overwhelming to the average person. Then a few days later Jeff links to Steve Rubel's article on The Digital Curator, of whom Steve says: The call of the... Read more →

Reading Groups and Learning Projects for Professional Development

Thoughts of the Personal MBA model of learning are still milling around in my brain as I find this Wikiversity Portal linking to various reading groups, which led in turn to the Wikiversity approach to learning. I've seen this before, but having the Personal MBA stuff so fresh in my brain, I saw it a little differently this time. There are a few things that are fascinating about this idea... Read more →